The History of Korea

Yu Gwan Soon - Student Martyr

Yu Gwan-soon, A Student Martyr

Yu Gwan-soon was a 16 year old female student who attended Ewha Hakdang (Ewha Women’s Missionary School for Higher Learning). In the state of chaos following the March First Movement, schools were closed for and indefinite period and Yu returned to her home in Cheonan, Chungchenong Province.

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여학생 유관순 열사

유관순은 이화 학당을 다니던 16살 의 어린 학생으로, 3•1운동으로 국내가 혼란하여 임시 휴교를 하자, 고향 충청도 천안으로 내려가 주변 4개군 주민들에게 태극기를 몰래 나누어 주고, 독립 만세 운동을 계획하였다. 4월에 고향의 아우내 장터를 중심으로 독립 만세 운동을 전개하였다. 그러다가 일본 경찰에 붙잡혀 투옥되었다. 유관순 열사는 감옥에서도 독립만세를 불렀다. 그러자 일본 경찰은 유관순의 손톱을 뽑고 때리는 등 온갖 고문을 다하였다. 무거운 죄를 지은 사람이 들어가는 지하 감옥에 갇혀 있다가 조국의 독립을 보지 못한 채 어린 나이에 곧바로 처형당하였다. 유관순 열사의 아버지, 어머니도 일본군의 총에 맞아 세상을 떠났다.

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Back at home, she secretly distributed Taegeukgi (Korea’s national flag) to pepple living nearby four counties and secretly planned independence demonstration. In April, at the central marketplace in her hometown, she started an independence protest and was soon arrested and imprisoned by the Japanese police. The Japanese police exerted all sorts of cruel torture on Yu, she endured the severe pain of having her nails plucked and was beaten. She was locked up in a cell until her execution. She never had the opportunity to see Korea’s independence. Her parents were both executed by the Japanese police during the demonstration.