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The Joseon Dynasty

Joseon moved its capital from Gaegyong to Hanyang(presently Seoul), carried out sweeping reforms in landholding and the ruling system, and formulated the framework of governing the state. Political and social systems centered on the Yangban class were solidified and Seongnihak, the New-Confucianism, became the governing doctrine of the nation. Furthermore, it became equipped with and economic structure based on agriculture which was supported by the government. Furthermore, the borders of Joseon were expanded to the Yalu and Tumen Rivers, developed the Hunminjeongeum, the Korean alphabet, and strengthened its status as an independent nation.

    Following the 16th century, a faction based in the countryside (the Sarim faction) advanced into central politics and came into confrontation with the existing political power (the Hungu faction). The factions that seized political power then confronted one another according to regions, sects and doctrines.

     Joseon engaged in friendly relations with the Ming Dynasty of China and also made contact with the Jurchen and Japan. At the end of the 16th century, however, Japan launched a massive attack against Joseon, and in the 17th century, Joseon suffered hardship under invasion from the Jurchen which had grown powerful.

조선은 수도를 개경에서 한양으로 옮기고, 토지 제도와 통치 제도를 정비하여 나라의 기틀을 마련하였다. 양반 중심의 정치, 사회 체제를 굳건히 하고, 성리학을 통치 이념으로 삼았다. 또한, 농업 중심의 경제 체제를 갖추고 (농본주의), 이를 위한 국가 차원의 지원을 강화하였다. 16세기 이후, 지방에 근거를 두고 있던 세력(사림파)이 중앙의 정치계에 진출함으로써 기존의 정치 세력(훈구파)과 충돌하게 되었다. 이후 정치적 주도권을 잡은 사람은 지역이나 학파, 사상에 따라 붕당을 이루어 서고 대립하고 견제하면서 정치를 하였다. 조선은 건국 이후 중국 명 왕조와 친선 관계를 유지하면서 여진, 일본과도 교류하였다. 그러나 16세기 말에는 일본의 대규모 침공을 받았으며, 17세기에 들어서는 세력이 강해진 여진족(만주족)의 침략을 받아 어려움을 겪었다

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1 Joseon - A New Nation is Built
2 The Joseon Society
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4 Foreign Policies of the Joseon
5 The Struggle Against Foreign Powers
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7 The Growth and Struggles of the Populace
8 To Make the Nation Strong
9 The Hermit Kingdom Opens
10 The Rage of the Peasants

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