Korean Language

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Vowels

Fundamental principles of the origins of vowel characters

The medial sounds were represented by 11 ( 10 in modern Korean ) vowels, which are made by various combinations of three basic letters ( •, ㅡ,ㅣ)

Basic Letterforms

  ‧ : Roundness of the sky & heavens
ㅡ : Flatness of land (earth)
∣ : Standing shape of humans

일차로 만들어 낸 글자: 
Primary vowel characters

ㅣ + ‧ → ㅣ‧ → ㅏ 
‧ +ㅣ → •ㅣ→ ㅓ 
‧ + ㅡ → • → ㅗ
ㅡ+ ‧  → ㅡ → ㅜ

이차로 만들어 낸 글자:
Secondary vowel characters

ㅣ+ㅏ→ ㅑ
ㅣ+ㅓ→ ㅕ
ㅣ+ㅗ→ ㅛ
ㅣ+ㅜ→ ㅠ

* ‘‧’ 는 근대에 와서 ‘ㅏ’와 통합되어 없어짐. In modern times, ‘•’ has been integrated with ‘ㅏ’and is no longer used.

‘ㅡ’의 위쪽 : 양 Above ‘ㅡ’: positive, bright
‘ㅡ’의 아래쪽: 음 Below ‘ㅡ’: negative, dark

‘ㅣ’의 오른쪽: 양 To the right of ‘ㅣ’: positive , bright
‘ㅣ’의 왼쪽: 음 To the left of ‘ㅣ’: negative, dark



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Published on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 12:00