Korean Language

Chapter 1: Basic Consonant and Vowel Combination

Click on the consonant, vowel, resulting combination, or the word to hear its pronunciation

모음자는 자음자의 오른쪽이나 아래쪽에 배치하여야 한다. 
Vowels are written either to the right of or below the consonant.
ㅣ,ㅏ,ㅓ,ㅑ,ㅕare written to the right of the consonant, while
ㅡ,ㅗ,ㅜ,ㅛ,ㅠ are written below the consonant. (See chart on following page.) For example,
The lettersㄴ+ㅏ, and ㅁ+ㅜ  combine to form the word ” 나무” which means “tree.”

어떠 단어가 모음으로 시작하여 이들 모음자 앞에 자음이 없을 때는 아무 음가가 없는 ‘ㅇ’자를 자음자 대신 쓴다. ‘ㅇ’자는 [ ]음을 가진 ‘ㅇ’자와 같은 모양이며 이름도 ‘이응’을 그대로 쓴다. 
Words that begin with a vowel sound are written with the silent consonant ‘ㅇ’ is also in front of or above the appropriate vowel. The identical letter ‘ㅇ’is also used to signify the [ ] sound when it is written at the end of a syllable.

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Published on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 12:00